27 November 2017

Danish Expedition Gallery

In collaboration with the Raparin Antiquities Directorate, DAEI had the pleasure of curating the ‘DANISH EXPEDITION GALLERY’; the first - and permanent- exhibition at the Raparin Civilization Museum in the city of Rania.

The opening og the Danish Expedition Gallery at the Raparin Civilization Museum

The official opening took place on Tuesday 31th October 2017. In attendance was the Governor of the Raparin Province as well as many local luminaries and a large press corps.

A large press corps including TV and radio stations attended the opening.

The artist and photographer Henrik Brahe.

The new gallery hosts a photographic exhibition featuring the work of photographer and artist Henrik Brahe documenting the first 5 years of the Expedition’s archaeological work on the Rania Plain. Henrik Brahe is a celebrated Danish artist who has had many international exhibitions. With this wonderful exhibition, DAEI aims to inform and engage the people of the Raparin Governorate with the work of the project and Iraqi heritage.

Interview of the Director of the Raparin Civilization Museum.

Please feel free to visit the exhibition. The exhibition is a great way of experiencing the rich archaeological past of the region and will be accessible to members of the general public, school and university students for many years to come.

The exhibition was attended by the Governor of the Raparin Province as well as many local luminaries.