People at DAEI

Tim Boaz Bruun Skuldbøl

University of Copenhagen, Department of Cross-cultural and Regional Studies

Research focuses on the development of urbanism, management of garbage in urban societies and heritage management in the Near East and Africa. See also:

Carlo Colantoni

Honorary Visiting Fellow in the School of Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Leicester

Research focuses on settlement patterns and landscape surveys in the Ancient Near East; the nature and emergence of urbanism; and human responses to environment and societal collapse. See also:

Mette Marie Hald

The National Museum of Denmark, Environmental Archaeology and Materials Science.

Primary research includes the ancient agricultural economy and culinary practices in the Near East, particularly during the urban transformation.
See also:

Henrik Brahe

DAEI's photographer, artist and drone/UAV specialist. Henrik has participated in over 100 exhibitions, film and video festivals all over the world, see

His art focus on the landscapes of the Middle East and Africa and how people interacted with it in the past.

PhD Candidate
Mohammad Masoumian

Department of Archaeology, University of Tehran, Tehran.

Participants and collaborators (2012-2018)

  • Deljad Abdullah, Rania, Iraq, (Archaeologist)
  • Amanj Ameen, Sulaymaniyah Directorate of Antiquities (Museum representative)
  • Barzan Baiz, Raparin Directorate of Antiquities (Director) / Sulaymaniyah Directorate of Antiquities (Museum representative)
  • Marc Adam Fenchel, University of Copenhagen (Archaeologist)
  • Veronique Gignoux, France (Archaeological assistant)
  • Anne Mette Harpelund, University of Copenhagen  (Archaeologist, groundstone specialist)
  • Sherzad Hassan, Boskin, Iraq (Archaeologist)
  • Salahaddin Ebrahimipour, University of Tehran (Archaeologist)
  • Ditte Kannegaard Kvist, University of Copenhagen  (Archaeologist)
  • Sanne Ostenfeldt Lindequist (Archaeological Assistant)
  • Martin Makinson, France (Archaeologist)
  • Mohammad Masoumian, University of Kurdistan and University of Theran (Archaeologist)
  • Rasmus Birk Nielsen, University of Copenhagen (Archaeologist)
  • Kirstine Krath Nielsen, University of Aarhus / National Museum of Denmark (Archaeobotany)
  • Guenever Bjerre Thaarup, University of Copenhagen (registrar and illustrator)
  • Dr. Jill Weber, University of Pennsylvania (Zooarchaeology)
  • Alexandra Wood, University of Copenhagen (Archaeobotany and illustrator)